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Hello world 👋

I’m Rheinard Korf. I work remotely doing things that interest me. Like software development, solution design and constantly thinking about education.

I’m a bit of a polyglot when it comes to programming languages and love to always learn new ones.

I’m a Christian, a Huband and a Father of three. The nature of my work means I get to spent plenty of time with my family.

This site is my public “out-brain”. You’re invited to hang around and see how I tick. It is likely to not be completely coherent.

The Latest:

The “Strength Finder” series

I will revisit these again, but its a good point of reflection for myself and might help you learn more about me:

Remember that time I “rebooted” the blog?

So in 2010 I did a stupid thing. I erased my previous posts (they were embarassing, so I forgive my younger self). Not all reboots are reflected here, but these I can track.

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