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So I am a streamer now

I finally did it. On 27 November 2019, at 1:00am (AEDT), I clicked the “Start Streaming” button. This is the post about what this meant for me.

I was originally going to title this post “Letting go! Hitting go!“. I am not particularly scared of being on camera or talking in front of audiences. I’ve been doing this for some time over my career in various contexts1. However! This time it felt more personal. I wasn’t doing it because of a career aspiration or because it was something that I was expected to do.

I was about to go live raw and unprepared. I just wanted to see what it was like and I absolutely loved it! I actually think I could get addicted to this. The sense of emotion that flooded through me before, during and after was intense!

Side effect #1 - Learning about myself

Upon reflection, I have learnt some things about myself. The teacher is still very much alive in me (for better or worse). I enjoyed doing the stream, but I was not particularly happy with my approach. I was coming at it feeling like I had to teach people how to do something. It wasn’t quite what I expected. I wanted something a little bit more raw. Haven’t quite put my finger on it. That’s the whole point right? Finding my voice and my unique style. If its more of the same, great, if I evolve my style, awesome.

I also have a tendency to go hard at things and then withdraw. I so wanted to click “Start Streaming” multiple times since then, but I forced myself to reflect and just let that initial buzz run its course.

Side effect #2 - Hitting “Go” on more things

The thrill of streaming live and also the vulnerability of making mistakes live (and it being OK!) has encouraged me to sort out some more things I’ve been wanting to do. Let brining my blog back.

I also want to commit myself to committing to GitGub on a daily basis so I can fill all my squares over a year period.

There are other things I’ve been wanting to do, like actually making time to learn Rustlang2.

Side effect #3 - Learning rapidly

Ok, so this is a belief more so than a proven side effect yet. I do believe that I will learn more rapidly as I learn in public. I will make mistakes, but there will be people that encourage me. Also, learning in public means explaining what I think I am learning. This is a higher order of learning. I tweeted this one years ago:

Had an epiphany this morning. Teaching is the high point of learning. Turns out Aristotle already said this. :/ https://twitter.com/rheinardkorf/status/451867903034269697

So here is to live streaming. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and to those who will be along side me as I continue this journey.

What’s next?

Well, I intend to stream more often, but I am having a hard time between settings a predictable schedule vs wanting to stream whenever I feel like it. So here is what I have in mind…

  • Weekly on Wednesday at 2:00PM (UTC) - this is the one I do not want to miss.
  • Maybe weekly on Friday at 2:00PM (UTC) - will give this a try. I feel this would be a good timeslot for my Rustlang learning.
  • Whenever I feel like it. 🦙

Please drop in and say “Hi”, join the conversation and share my streaming url: https://mixer.com/rheinardkorf

Thank you!

  1. as a teacher (both class room and remote); as a conference speaker in the e-learning and WordPress spaces; and also occasionally at my church.
  2. I’ll be streaming myself as I am learning rust from scratch. No former experience. Come learn with me!
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