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Meaning and Value

Meaning and Value Background

In February I started the quest of “self-discovery”. The intent was to take you all along the journey with me, documenting my process along the way and sharing what I have found. Its been months now and there are a few things I have learned, but before I get into that, here is what has happened in my life since then…

The birth of Marshall Heinrich Korf. Since my post in February my focus has been on the comfort of my wife and ensuring that she had everything she needed during her pregnancy. Then on 24 April 2017 our brand new baby boy arrived. Needless to say that since then, things have gotten pretty shaken up around here and I am loving every minute of it. The girls have adjusted to their new brother and since he is a bit more interactive now they absolutely adore him. My wife and I are doing well with our sanity getting tested every so often.

I’ve also since had the opportunity to be part of an internal team at work to discuss our core values and trying to capture the essence of it. This has helped tremendously in my own discovery of what my core values are. Above all it will always begin with my faith and my family. I also have discovered something new, something that has resulted from me being rather unwell since February up until recently. Having lied awake in a spare bed sweating at night and not being able to sleep something amazing happened… I started to realise my own selfishness. Everything has been about me and my comfort levels. However, during these difficult nights I started to think more about my then unborn son, my wife, my daughters and other people. I realised that my purpose for my family is to be a loving husband and father; and for anyone else it is to have meaningful relationships and friendships; and professionally, it is to always provide value.

This blog is likely to make quite a radical shift as I start to consider ways in which I can provide value, rather than being only an introspective tale of self-discovery and self-awareness. There is likely to still be some of that, but only where it can provide meaning or value.

There are a few things, however, that I will say about my strategy forward…

  1. I am quitting Facebook
  2. I am endeavouring to read two non-fiction books a week
    1. Just finished “Deep Work” by Cal Newport
    2. Next up “Mini Habits” by Stephen Guise
  3. I am endeavouring to:
    1. watch far less TV shows
    2. and listen to more music; and
    3. doing some creative work instead
  4. I am rethinking how the blog can provide value whilst being diverse enough to capture many areas of my life (perhaps it can’t and I need to separate concerns, we’ll see)

How did I do? Well, I quit Facebook. 🤣

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