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Like a Fine Wine

For the last little while (a couple of months or more) I’ve really enjoyed listening to the 5by5 podcast network. Sure I’ve been listening to them for ages now, but its only really been in the last little while that its beginning to create a lasting impact. I love the work that Dan does with Quit!, Merlin is always an interesting listen on Back To Work and I’m only just getting into Bret Terpstra with Systematic (love his work, took a bit longer to get into listening to him).

So here are a few things that are starting to become obvious to me…

  1. There is something happening in my thinking about work, life and the fine line between the two
  2. It is better to just get some content out than it is to get perfect content out (its called practice)
  3. This blog, rheinardkorf.com, is about me. Therefore I need to be authentic to who I am. Not to sure yet what that will mean for the blog, but lets find out
  4. Boy do I need some life hacks in terms of my productivity… my OmniFocus is a basket case at the moment… Evernote’s been brining order to it.

Nothing profound here, but this is just me performing a mind dump in order to shape myself up for a better rest of 2013 and beyond.

Its my birthday month, that means the idea of another year of my life coming up is making me ponder the more important things of life. This post really has nothing to do with wine, but I like the abstract reference to maturity.

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