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You are Asking the Wrong Question

Deep Thought

In 2012 I used this one image in a ultra corny presentation to a group of e-learning professionals. I considered not posting what I did, but hey… its for posterity!

Rheinard: Hey.

Deep Thought: Hi!

Rheinard: Can we ask you a question?

Deep Thought: Sure.

Rheinard: What is the secret to e-learning?

Deep Thought: Let me think about it.

Rheinard: How long is this going to take?

Deep Thought: Oh, about a 1000 years?

Rheinard: We don’t have that much time really. Can we have a short answer?

Deep Thought: Sure, but you’re not going to like it…

Rheinard: I doubt that. Come on.

Deep Thought: 42.

Rheinard: What?! Why is that always your answer?

Deep Thought: You are asking the wrong question!

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