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Technology Enthusiast

Technology Enthusiast Background

I’m not sure where I heard the term the first time, but it was back in the day when “Ask a Ninja” got his fame, Leo Laporte build his new podcasting powerhouse and Merlin Mann was still famous for 43 Folders. I digress…

Technology Enthusiast simply means geek, or at least that is what Wikipedia claims. I’d like to take this stand point too, however, I believe than it is much more than the branding of a geek. It is someone who is truly immersed in technology and love to know the inner workings of stuff, but also has the ability to get other people excited about its potential… and then using their passion to help other people do cool stuff.

I am not the first to brand himself as a technology enthusiast (really, just look on Google, there are a few of us). Nor am I the first to include it next to a logo, in my Twitter profile, on my LinkedIn profile, Google+ etc. That said, it is important to note that by knowing this, you have immediately gained insights into my strengths and my weaknesses. I may have natural aptitude, but I am a sucker for new things which could lead to distractions… thats where some of my other characteristics kicks in.

In the next post I will be looking at my other label (its a new way for me to say it, but the context hasn’t changed). Followed by that, I’ll get into some really interesting stuff about strengths.

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